Biodiversity, Biopiracy & Patents

*Locally adapted seed is more successful!
  • Why high-yielding varieties kill diversity and do not ensure higher yields in the long run…
  • How to develop locally adapted, robust varieties.
  • Why tropical organic farming systems are more productive than conventional…
  • What is “agro”-biodiversity?
*Who benefits from old domestic breeds?
  • What is the variation of crop and dometic breeds that is providing our food today.y?
  • What is “agro-biodiversity”?
  • Why does breeding need a large “gene pool”?
  • What does breeding have to do with animal welfare?
*Who owns biodiversity?
  • Patents on active plant ingredients – who benefits?
  • Is there a copyright on traditional knowledge?
  • What is biopiracy?
  • Does the “valorisation” of plants also mean their protection?

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Beste, A. (2022): GREENWASHING & HIGH TECH – Faking it: (un-)sustainable solutions for agriculture.