Agrarian Social Society (ASG)

FoE Germany Working Group Soil Protection

German Soil Science Society (DBG)

ENSSER – The European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility
ENSSER is committed to transparent, high quality scientific information focusing on the environmental, health and socio-economic aspects of technology use.
ENSSER evaluates alternative options within technology policy to strengthen innovation and long-term sustainability, with a focus on public and environmental safety.

European Land and Soil Alliance, European Land and Soil Alliance (ELSEA e.V.).

International Academy of Agricultural and Home Economics Advisors (IALB e.V.)

Bio-Foundation Switzerland, Soil Fertility Fund (CH), Soil Ambassador

Permanent Member of the advisory Expert Group for Technical Advice on Organic Farming Practice of the European Commission

Expert in the expert pool of the EU Soil Mission

Member of the scientific advisory board of the research project INBIODYN at the University of Viticulture, Geisenheim

Member of the scientific advisory board of the Interessengemeinschaft gesunder Boden e.V.

Member of International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS)

Member of Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative