Consultance for …

Politicians, urban gardening projects, research institutions, universities, farmers, environmental associations, food processors and many more.

I offer advisory services in many subject areas and … for various target groups.

My experience from 25 years of agricultural extension and training and 12 years of political consulting at European, national and federal state level allows for a good combination of legislative level and practical relevance.

Topic areas

  • Sustainable soil management and humus build-up
  • Agriculture and climate change
  • Regional supply chains, market concepts, community catering
  • Dietary styles, regional marketing
  • Food handicrafts, food quality, hygiene regulations, Codex Alimentarius
  • EU Farm-to-Fork strategy, Common European Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • Organic farming and agroecology
  • How does political representation of interests work in Berlin and Brussels? Structures, contact persons, decision-making processes.