Mobile School Lesson on Soil

How much soil do we live on in the world?
  • How much area for land use is there?
  • How much of it is usable for agriculture?
  • How much of it are we destroying?
  • How much land does an industrial estate need?
Floods – where do they come from?
  • What does flooding have to do with soil functions?
  • Why is soil protection flood protection?
Healthy soil – what does it look like?
  • What lives in the soil?
  • How do soils stay healthy?
  • Can you feel and see healthy soil?
Going underground with a spade!
  • School lesson with the spade
  • Taking and assessing soil samples ourselves.
  • We can see and feel if the soil is healthy!
  • We can see if the soil is vital and fulfils its functions!
  • A simple test with water shows how stable the soil aggaregates are!
  • We assess the decomposition ourselves with the help of pictures.

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