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The decline of biodiversity in the soil threatens us at least as much as the decline of biodiversity above it!

>> Soil biota play a vital role in soil fertility and have a significant impact on agricultural yields. They also contribute to the purification of air and water. If these functions had to be fulfilled synthetically, it would cost trillions of euros every year.<<

EU Commission 2010


The increasingly frequent and violent floods are not only caused by heavy rain or sealing for settlements and roads.
They also are enforced by agricultural soils that are no longer able to absorb the quantities of water.
This is not only due to compaction by heavy machinery, but also very decidedly due to the creeping structural compaction of soils caused by incorrect management (narrow crop rotations, low humus content, decline in soil biodiversity).

So far, this has hardly been mentioned in politics and flood protection.

Here you get the facts

Beste, A.; Idel, A. (2019): The belief in technology and big data. The myth of climate smart agriculture – why less bad isn’t good.

Beste, A.(2015): Down to Earth – The soil we live off. Study on the state of soil in Europeans agriculture.

Beste, A. (2020) 5th edition: Improvement of soil functions and soil fertility with the help of Qualitative Soil Analysis. Maintaining soil functions for climate resilience and stable yields – building soil fertility, water protection, water storage for dry periods and flood prevention. order here

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The Institute for Soil Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture (BBÖA) offers advice, analysis, knowledge transfer and support for a regionally integrated, socially sustainable and environmentally sound rural development. I work across the entire range of topics in the organic and conventional sectors.

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My clients include political institutions such as the German Bundestag, the European Parliament and the European Commission, as well as various federal state parliaments and public and private international research projects and universities. I also work for environmental and agricultural associations, the food industry, farmers, gardeners and private clients.

The clear communication of background knowledge and contexts is my concern. I’m seeing myself as a mediator between science and practice. I do not present endless tables or general statements – I speak out clearly.

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