International institutions I have worked with…

International references (alphabetic)

ARC2020, Agricultural and Rural Convention, international discussion platform on sustainable agriculture (F)
Online contributions.

Better Cotton Initiative, (CH)
Development of an international soil management training tool for farmers and farm advisors.

Training events.

Bioland Südtirol e.v. (I)
Training events.

Bioaustria (A)
Training events throughout Austria.

Consultance and cooperation in development of a soil analysis app for farmers to share their observations on soil health and improve decision-making on soil fertility.

European Land and Soil Alliance (D)
Planning and organisation of various conferences, moderation, article in the journal “Local Land and Soil News” on “Climate protection at the expense of soil protection”, on further training and consultancy in agricultural soil management.

European Commission, Joint Research Centre (I)
Scientific advice on the development of the Soil Protection Directive, development of a “Toolkit” for qualitative soil assessment for farmers.

European Commission, Directorate-General for Agriculture (BE)
Permanent Member of “Expert Group for Technical Advice on Organic Farming”, EGTOP

European Parliament (BE) Advice to Members of the European Parliament, preparation of background papers, advisory dossiers and studies:
  • Study on the European protein deficit and the local cultivation of legumes.
  • Study on land grabbing
  • Analysis and position on sustainable agriculture
  • Study on the state of Europe’s agricultural soils
  • Study on climate and agriculture
  • Commentary on the F2F and Biodiversity Strategy

Agricultural Research Institute (Embrapa), Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien (BR)
Lecture “An Applicable Field Method for the Evaluation of Soil Vitality”, International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture in Tropical and Subtropical Highlands with special Reference to Latin America (SATHLA)

Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FIbL), Frick, (CH)
Seminar on soil evaluation and improvement of soil fertility

Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), today giz (D)
Contribution to the brochure “Sustainable Land Management. Guidelines for Impact Monitoring.”

Institute for Regional Development, University Helsinki, Mikkeli, Finland (FI)
Training events and seminars for agricultural advisors in conventional and organic farming.

Agricultural Cooperative Klagenfurt (A)
Anniversary lecture 100 years of Cooperative “Precision is not enough, we must transform the agricultural system”.

MISEREOR, Aachen (D)
Advising on the development of the Bolivian Soil Protection Act.
Commenting on the position paper of the BMVEL on paragraph 17 of the German Federal Soil Protection Act.
“Principles and recommendations for action on good professional practice in agricultural soil use”.

Purdue University, West Lafayette (USA)
Lecture “An Applicable Field Method for the Evaluation of Soil-Function-Parameters”, International Soil Conservation Organisation Conference.

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Dan KOOK Universität, Süd- Korea (KR)
Lecture „Maintaining ecological soil functions – techniques in organic farming systems“, Conference of Korean Organic Agriculture, Seoul.

SCAPE – Soil Conservation and Protection for Europe (EU)
Lecture on soil analysis. Scientific advice on the elaboration of the European Soil Protection Directive, preparation of a “Toolkit” for qualitative soil assessment in EN and DE for farmers

Unilever, Langnese-Iglo GmbH, Reken (D)
Qualitative soil analysis of about 250 fields, development of soil protection management module, 7 years of training events for contract farmers.

Youth Climate Summit Heidelberg (D)
Workshop “Climate Mitigation through Sustainable Land Use and Agriculture”

zero one film GmbH, Berlin (D)
Consultation to zero one film project on Europe’s agriculture and food economy, workshop, Berlin.