EU Agricultural Policy (CAP) and F2F-Strategy

In May 2020, the European Commission presented its Farm to Fork (F2F) Strategy as part of the “Green Deal”.
The Farm to Fork Strategy calls for the restructuring of the food system in the EU from farm to fork with a view to sustainability. It sets important reduction targets for the use of pesticides and fertilisers. It postulates an increase in organic farming to 25%.

Reflected the numerous expert reports of recent years at German and European level, which have shown major deficits with regard to the sustainability of the current agricultural and food system, this is an important and timely signal.

If we don’t change anything, the ecosystems that ensure our life on this planet are in great danger, be it because of climate change, water scarcity and pollution, soil degradation or loss of biodiversity.

The F2F-Strategy is accompanied by the Biodiversity-Strategy, which has recently also placed special emphasis on soil biodiversity and soil protection.

The Common European Agricultural Policy (CAP) is of particular importance for the implementation of the F2F-Strategy. This has recently been reformed once again. The EU has failed to link the objectives of the F2F strategy with the CAP and has not adopted any ambitious basic regulations. Instead, a bureaucratic monster has been created. In order to change this, we must not simply delete our objectives for sustainability and environmental protection, but design a CAP that enables sustainable agriculture and food production without too much bureaucracy.

You can find a good proposal for this (in German) here

Consulting, research, seminars, workshops….

Farm 2 Fork Strategy

  • What exactly is in the F2F-Strategy?
  • What is the status quo?
  • Where do changes need to start?
  • Where do F2F and Biodiversity Strategies need to be aligned?
  • What does this mean for the Common European Agricultural Policy (CAP)?
  • Which legal acts need to be further developed?
  • What does this mean for European trade agreements?

*Agricultural policy

  • What does the new CAP look like?
  • What are “strategic plans”?
  • Do the first and second pillars still exist?
  • What has been decided?
  • What does science say?
  • Up to date! Agroforestry
    Agroforestry as the flagship of the new Eco-Schemes?
    Is agroforestry already supported via direct payments?
    Or only in the second pillar?
    In which federal states does support already exist?
    What are the advantages?
    Are there disadvantages?

I’m looking forward to discussing with you all these topics, prepare research or provide an overview of selected legal acts and regulations.

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